[Media] The 3rd seminar of “DOF’s CAD/CAM Class 2021″

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[Medical Today journalist, Dong-hyun Koh]

DOF recently held the periodic seminar of “DOF’s CAD/CAM Class 2021” at the Gangnam Education Center in Seoul. The seminar was held with the minimum number of people to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and strictly following rules.

In the first part, Dr. Bumsu Kim DDS of Yonsei Suite Dental Hospital gave a lecture on the topic of “Modeless Workflow in the Aspect of Dentists”. Dr. Kim explained how the modeless workflow using oral scanners worked in real dentistry with clinical cases. In addition, he described that how dental technicians should prepare for changing trend of dentistry with showing the process of using various digital devices in dentistry.

In the second part, Mr. Kyungjin Kim, owner of Kyungjin Dental Lab, gave a lecture on the topic of “exocad Partial Design & Digital Fit”. Mr. Kim said that he started digital partial dentures two years ago through the digital partial denture seminar of DOF. He emphasized that anyone could get consistent results without difficulty once they started “digital partial dentures with milling”.

While demonstrating the design process at exocad, Mr. Kim explained the points to be aware of designing the digital partial dentures. In addition, valuable know-how gained from many years of digital partial denture work, such as understanding STL files and OBJ files, how to use various tools in exocad’s EXPERT MODE, and approaches to make digital fit easier, were disclosed.

Mr. Min-sik Choi, director of sales team, said, “despite the sensitive situation due to the COVID-19, thankfully, each seminar registration closed early. In order to return your interest and love to DOF, the seminar in September would be held by increasing the size so that more people could attend. We would greet you with more informative and good content, so please look forward to the next seminar with anticipation.”

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Dental Salon Moscow 2021

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Our dearest Russian dealer #MIKOR has participated in DENTAL SALON MOSCOW 2021 #exhibition

“Despite the pandemic situation, there are many people and we are so glad that we can promote DOF products in Russia at the highest level.” – MIKOR

Hope to see you all soon!😘

[Media] DOF held “One-Step Milling” seminar successfully.

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DOF announced that it successfully held the first seminar of 2021 on Saturday February 27. This seminar was about “One-Step Milling”, a new groundbreaking method that dramatically reduces working hours and improves the accuracy of prostheses by simultaneously producing custom abutments and suprastructures.

The seminar was held with the minimum number of people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In the first part, Jung Hee Lee, CEO of Joyful Dental Studio, gave a lecture of “Custom Abutment & Zirconia One-Step Milling Analysis,” and in the second part, Hoon Kook Shim, director of Yul Dental Clinic, gave a lecture of “Digital Milling in the Aspect of a Dentist”. Jung Hee Lee and Hoon Kook Shim generously shared their know-how accumulated by using actual clinical cases and continued discussions with participants.    

Jung Hee Lee, who conducted a lecture on one-step milling, said, “many people have thought that one-step milling is only possible with a CNC lathe. When CRAFT 5X’s one-step milling applies to various clinical cases, I experience that CRAFT 5X never falls behind the CNC lathe in terms of quality of customization, but rather shows better results. The era of one-step milling is now opened in general dental labs and dentistry. As prosthetic techniques by intra oral scanners are diversified, modeless techniques are becoming more and more popular. In the midst of this trend, I believe that one-step milling would be an essential technique for technicians, so I have prepared correspondent lessons.”

Song Jae Lee, director of DOF, said, “even though we are sensitive to COVID-19, many people show interests in our seminar that application was closed early. We will continue to deal with the contents that can be helpful to our customers through various types of seminars, so please keep your eyes open.”

Meanwhile, DOF will hold a “Digital Denture Seminar” at Gangnam Education Center in Seoul on Saturday April 24. In the first part, Professor Kwan-tae Noh, Kyunghee University’s Dental Hospital will give lectures under the theme of “Digital Denture Design,” and in the second part, Chan-doo Kwon, director of Able Dental Lab will give lecture of “Denture Story”.

The above article was published in the April 2021 issue of 2804 magazine.

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