Top 10 Editor’s Choice Lab Technologies – CRAFT 5X

DOF’s dental milling machine, CRAFT 5X, has been chosen as Top 10 Editor’s Choice Lab Technologies, 5-axis mill. Find out the interesting article of dental technicians’ choice here.

The top new dental laboratory technology products of 2021 as chosen by the Dental Lab Products® editorial team.

Most dental labs today look a lot different from what they did a decade ago, considering all the innovations that have taken place in the equipment and technology that power a lab’s production of dental restorations. This year alone we saw a number of breakthrough product launches in the field of dental technology, many designed to impact the ever-growing digital dental workflow. Here are 10 of the most exciting innovations in lab technology from 2021.

5-axis Mill


A truly all-in-one 5-axis dental mill, the CRAFT 5X is designed to save space without compromising milling quality or flexibility. The system mills on the X, Y, and Z axes, and the blocks or discs being milled can rotate 360 degrees in either direction. It can operate in both wet and dry modes, allowing a wide range of materials to be milled, and it features a powerful closed-loop motor system. Sturdy construction reduces vibration, and the Jäger spindle can reach up to 100,000 RPM with a maximum power of 700 W to provide the system with both power and accuracy.

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