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Hello to all readers of the magazine “the Dental Technician”, in this article I would like to deepen the importance of being side by side by a large company such as DGSHAPE, synonymous with reliability and avant-garde in the dental sector. Working alongside this company allows us to stay abreast of modern technology, and always be supported in our daily digital laboratory difficulties. In my specific case I am affiliated with DGSHAPE Italy, which fortunately for me is one step away from the laboratory that I manage in Acquaviva Picena, Italy. The motivation for choosing the topic to be treated for this edition is my personal preference for the golden proportions, combined with functionality, in total reconstructions. These parameters are obtained through facial scans, photos and cephalometric plans.On cephalometric planning, fundamental for rehabilitations on implants such as AO4 / 6 / X, we will dedicate a complete article in the coming months, given the importance of the topic. This edition is completely oriented, on the importance of having a facial scanning software in our laboratory, in this case I am talking about the “SNAP DOF face scanner”, marketed by DGSHAPE Italy. https://bit.ly/3ec7s5Y
Before getting into the practical technical aspect of the digital workflow of this facial scanner, I want to clarify the importance of 3D acquisition of the patient’s face. Presenting yourself at the dental office, with which we collaborate, with a facial scanner allows us to digitize the face of our patient through very simple steps, which will be imported into a design software, to be coupled to the previously acquired models. The fundamental reason for this very simple step is to know exactly the inclination of the upper jaw in the digital space, which, at times, could create orientation problems, if we did not have photos or facial scans.
Personally, combined with the facial scan, I always recommend doctors to take photographs of the patient, since they too can be imported into the design software and coupled with face scan. In this way we will work with overlapping 2D photos and 3D scanning, where with 2D we will use the DSD protocols with the golden proportions, while in 3D we will orient ourselves in the digital space respecting the aesthetic criteria (the bipupillary line, the median, the line commisural and the labial corridor) for functionality we will have regard to the over jet and the over bite (for lip support) and the curves of Spee and Wilson (for the correct assembly of our digital teeth). At this point we have all the necessary information to start our rehabilitation. Guaranteeing our clinician the most complete knowledge and competence on a completely digital rehabilitation flow, and the patient will be guaranteed the maximum aesthetics and functionality of the product, but above all that he has used certified protocols that comply with the laws.

DOF Face Scan
The DOF facial scan system uses an automatic repositioning principle, using points recognized by the software. As you can see in the image on the side, the identification plate is hooked to a fork, which acts as a support to take the patient’s bite. Once the digital image of the bite has been created, it will be coupled to the previously acquired master model. This very simple step is the fundamental point of our treatment plan. The importance and precision of these acquisitions are indispensable for accurately determining the inclination of the upper jaw, providing the technician with the correct parameters for the development of rehabilitation. In this phase it is possible to acquire the patient’s facial scan, and align our scans. In the case of a total rehabilitation on implants, it is possible to import the X-ray and align it to the sagittal plane of the facial scan, we may also be able to import DICOM files, to view the volumetric rendering of the facial bones.

Face Scanner SNAP
The acquisition time is extremely short, just move the tablet horizontally from right to left, and the software will make the necessary acquisitions by itself. In my opinion I prefer that the scanning station is fixed, with a set of suitable lights, placed on the sides of the device. Allowing the patient to rotate on its axis without tilting the head. I have found excellent results with this acquisition protocol. Of fundamental importance is the formation of the dental practice, with this digital flow, in most of the studies with which I collaborate, the dental assistants acquire the patient’s information, then sending it to the laboratory via email or online portals. For privacy reasons, I used my face to show the digital information and how it appears in the cad system, the information collected.

Dott. Alessandro Paolucci
I would like to offer a special thanks to a study of excellence in Jesi, which has provided me with full availability and support, located in the province of Ancona, directed by the orthodontic orthodontist Dot. Alessandro Paolucci, who with great determination and resourcefulness engages in new technologies , studying tailored for his study, new protocols, open to any possibility to achieve 100% success, in any rehabilitation. Super prepared, young staff and fundamentally always smiling.
Passed the step of the dental office and collected all the information, there is the control of the acquisitions in the design software, here we will find our models coupled to the facial scan, our radiography with perfectly aligned models. The peculiarity of working with this system is that of interacting on a single “Z” axis, which allows us to import all the acquisitions made in the various previous steps and always find them aligned on each other, whenever you want to open the project.

DGSHAPE Expert Matteo Neroni
As I wrote at the beginning of the article, it is of fundamental importance to collaborate and be part of a large family like DGSHAPE. The competence of the staff of DGSHAPE is 360 *, from the promptness of the support, to the commercial aspect.From my personal experience, regarding the laboratory managed by me in Italy and abroad, DGSHAPE has always kept me updated, through training courses, demonstrations, and in the post COVID-19 period through direct via the web.

Finally, I conclude by thanking DGSHAPE who allowed me to speak for them and interface with this facial scan technology marketed by them.
Giving me the opportunity to present it to you readers, talking about it in a non-exhaustive way, in order to create in you that little interest and curiosity, which benefits the desire to grow and try new perspectives and working protocols, increasingly digital, in search of perfection.
Thank you Matteo Neroni from DGSHAPE Team!
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