How to Copy a Denture


When you need to copy a denture Let’s learn how to copy a denture in this lesson. There are various reasons why we might need to make a new denture, including a broken denture or gum tissue resorption. In these cases, if you can duplicate the existing denture, you can create a new denture easier. […]

What is the 90 Degree milling


Due to mechanical limitations, milling machines fail to reproduce 100% of the design. The advent of the CAD/CAM era has brought many conveniences, but sometimes mechanical limitations stand in the way of our efforts. As an example, I designed a difficult case of anterior teeth in exocad. I created gum because of receding gums. I […]

“Excellent Corporation R&D Center”

Benefits – public relations support from Korea Industrial Technology Associationㆍgovernment awardsㆍ additional points for national R&D projects. DOF Inc., designated as the “Excellent Corporation R&D Center of 2021” organized by Ministry of Science and ICT, participated the ceremony at The K Hotel Seoul on the 23rd. [Photo = DOF] [Medi Sobiza News = Jihye Oh] […]

DOF won the KIPA award at “IP Management Competition”.

DOF announced that it recently won the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) Chairman Award at the 13th Intellectual Property (IP) Management Competition held at Daejeon Convention Center. Hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and Korea Invention Promotion Association, the IP Management Competition is designed to share corporate know-how and revitalize IP management by discovering […]

“Smart Factory” related seminar

DOF will hold its fourth seminar of 2021 on November 27 and the seminar is about Smart Factory. This seminar will be divided into three parts. The first part is “Digital Communication” by Dr. Keonghwan Han, DDS, the second part is “One-Step Milling Solution” by Mr. Younglok Jee, the owner of Good Day Dental LAB, […]

DOF participated in LMT Lab Day West.

DOF recently participated in ‘LMT Lab Day West’, one of the largest dentistry exhibitions in the United States. LMT Lab Day West was hosted by LMT, a magazine specializing in dentistry, and exhibited dental equipment, materials, and CAD/CAM equipment. In this exhibition, DOF introduced CAD/CAM total solutions from a dental 3D scanner, FREEDOM HD, to […]

DOF launches ‘DOFmotion’, a mobile application for its milling machine.

DOF (CEO Henry Park) announced that it has launched a mobile application ‘DOFmotion’ which manages DOF’s all-in-one milling machine, CRAFT 5X, in real time. CRAFT 5X users can check the milling progress on their smartphone through DOFmotion. When milling is completed or a problem occurs during milling, DOFmotion sends a notification message to the smartphone, […]

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