DOF all-in-one dental milling machine ‘CRAFT 5X’

| ‘Eye-catching’ with excellent precision and easy use All-in-One Milling Machine, CRAFT 5X The dental milling machine CRAFT 5X from DOF, a CAD/CAM total solution company, is attracting attention from practitioners for its excellent precision and ease of use. With its excellent precision, CRAFT 5X can be used practically to minimize the parts that need […]

Selected as ‘2023 Global Small Giants 1000+’

DOF Inc. (CEO Henry Park) was selected as a target company for the ‘2023 Global Small Giants 1000+ Project’ hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The project aims to discover exporting SMEs with innovation and growth potential. It will foster them as representative companies that lead the overseas export market and the local […]

DOF’s CRAFT 5X DC, Attention at GDTEX

| Demonstration of technological prowess with innovative dental CAD/CAM solutions DOF Inc. (hereinafter referred to as DOF) participated in the 2023 Gyeonggi-Gangwon-do Dental Technician Society Conference and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as GDTEX) held on the 22nd of last month, and introduced an innovative dental CAD/CAM solution, captivating the visitors. On this day, DOF […]

“Focus on the Eyes” CAD/CAM Total Solution

| Participated in the Seoul Dental Technician Society Conference on the 9th DOF Inc. participated in the Seoul Dental Technicians Association Conference and Materials Exhibition held on the 9th. It captivated the visitors with its innovative dental CAD/CAM total solution. DOF introduced the steady selling milling machine ‘CRAFT 5X’ and the ‘CRAFT 5X DC’ with […]

R&D center in Bundang for strengthening technological competitiveness

DOF’s new second R&D center in Bundang Following the opening of the Busan office in February, DOF Inc. recently established its second R&D center in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si. It is the second base located in the metropolitan area following its headquarters in Seongsu-dong. In such cases, you may need to use professional data how to recover […]

‘Establishment of Busan office’ to oversee the southern region

DOF Inc. announced that it had established a Busan office to expand its sales force in the southern region. This was for improving service quality. According to the company, the DOF Busan office not only oversees sales in the southern region, but also plans to quickly provide services. Like product installation, parts replacement, and maintenance […]

Awarded $7M Export Tower on the 59th Trade Day

The 59th Trade Day DOF Inc. announced that it received $7M Export Tower at the 59th Trade Day ceremony held at COEX in Seoul on the 5th. “Taking on the Trade Powerhouse Challenge! South Korea takes the Leap!” The ‘Trade Day’ commemorative event hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and supervised by the Ministry […]

How to Copy a Denture


When you need to copy a denture Let’s learn how to copy a denture in this lesson. There are various reasons why we might need to make a new denture, including a broken denture or gum tissue resorption. In these cases, if you can duplicate the existing denture, you can create a new denture easier. […]

What is the 90 Degree Milling


Due to mechanical limitations, milling machines fail to reproduce 100% of the design. The advent of the CAD/CAM era has brought many conveniences, but sometimes mechanical limitations stand in the way of our efforts. As an example, I designed a difficult case of anterior teeth in exocad. I created gum because of receding gums. how […]

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