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Swing HD is a unique dental lab scanner, boasting its sophisticated design and equipped with a 2.0MP dual camera, ensuring highly accurate scanning. Since the scanning space is open, the work process can be executed conveniently.

All-in-One Scan

Scan an upper, lower, and dies all at once. Save almost 50% off your total work time.

Impression Scan

SWING HD is optimized for silicone and alginate impression.
Our innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas that are difficult to scan and output final positive models.

Transfer Plate

The position information of the model mounted on the articulator is automatically reproduced.
Transfer plates available for Artex, KaVo, SAM, Bio-Art, and Denar.

Articulator Scan

The occlusal relationship can be reproduced as it is by scanning the mounted condition. A simple hinge articulator, commonly used in clinical practice, can also be used, thus, increases work efficiency.

Multi-Die Scan

Increase your work efficiency with the multi-die plate. You can scan complex models with multiple dies (up to 7) all at once.


Swing HD is an uniquely designed L-shaped dental lab scanner with 2.0 megapixel cameras.


Swing HD is compact with open-design that fits anywhere on your desk.


Swing HD is fast and intuitive. Higher-performance USB 3.0 can process faster than other dental lab scanners with USB 2.0.

The advantage of SWING HD is magnified by providing higher quality data than SWING.

I was looking for a unique and compact design scanner that could provide high resolution data at the same time. SWING HD was the exact dental lab scanner that I expected.

The open scanning area where could scan an articulator directly and various options that increase work efficiency are also attracting advantages. Moreover, the software, which can operate freely, is optimized for complex and various cases.

It is now possible to do all works that were impossible with CAD/CAM, like abilities of scanning inner surfaces of wax, copying a denture, reproducing the position of a mounted model on an articulator.

It is now impossible to do CAD/CAM without SWING HD.

Ibrahim Alammari

CEO, Trust Medical


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