Save articulator scan data

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A waxrim is often used to obtain bite information of edentulous patients or patients with fewer teeth. The waxrim contains much information that could be obtained from a patient’s mouth like the Midline, the High Smile Line, which determines the length of the anterior teeth, and the Corner of Mouth, which determines the location of the canine.

Save Articulator Scan Data

The “Save articulator scan data” feature is available to utilize the waxrim that contains information for teeth design. Normally, the occlusal data are disappeared after matching upper and lower jaw data, but the occlusal data that are used in teeth design like the waxrim can be saved separately.

Upper and Lower Jaws

The upper and lower jaw data are saved in the same folder as the occlusal scan data.

Add Mesh

After adding the occlusal data in the exocad through the “Add mesh” function, you can design teeth by referring to the guidelines displayed on the waxrim.


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