On September 21 to 22, DOF launches its new product under the theme of “Future Digital Dentistry” at exocad Insights 2020 in Darmstadt, Germany. exocad Insights 2020 will be held in a hybrid format under the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, so it can be reached with exocad links anywhere in the world to see various lectures and new product launching events prepared by DOF. At this exhibition, DOF will officially launch MatchApp, which helps the compatibility with the face scanner SNAP, and an all-in-one milling machine CRAFT 5X.

MatchApp, which will be introduced by DOF, is a software that helps to match teeth data scanned by third-party intraoral scanners or model scanners with face data of SNAP. SNAP is the only face scanner on the market that uses a target bite to automatically match the face data and the teeth data which makes the data be very accurate. SNAP’s patented Automatic Matching technology improves the quality of prostheses and reduces production time by ensuring accuracy of the mid-line, the smile line, and the occlusion planes acquired by the face scanner. In particular, SNAP’s target bites are compatible with intraoral scanners with relatively narrow scan areas, so this launch of MatchApp is good news for intraoral scanners’ users.

The all-in-one milling machine CRAFT 5X can be converted to dry and wet according to the materials. It is suitable for small laboratories or clinics because it is integrated with a water tank, a dust collector and a compressor. This simultaneous 5-axis milling machine can be processed without restrictions on prostheses shapes. It mills most materials needed for dental treatment such as glass ceramics and titanium pre-milled abutments, as well as zirconia, wax, PMMA, and hybrid ceramics. In addition, CRAFT 5X is able to mill strong materials stably because it prevents step out by remembering the number of rotations of the motor. It is also noteworthy that Jäger spindle with up to 100,000 RPM and up to 700 W of output can reliably mill glass ceramic or titanium pre-milled abutments and the body is made of whole castings to dramatically reduce vibration.

“The MatchApp was released at the request of customers who wanted to use SNAP. Many people recognized the value of SNAP, so it was able to be reborn as a better product. With the launch of MatchApp and CRAFT 5X, DOF has become a truly meaningful CAD/CAM total solution company responsible for prostheses production from beginning to end. As a leading company in future digital dentistry, we will continue to work hard to introduce products that are essential to consumers with responsibility,” said CEO Henry Park.



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