Users of third-party model scanners and intraoral scanners will now be able to use DOF’s face scanner “SNAP”. Since the existing SNAP was incompatible with third-party scanners, only users of DOF’s model scanners were able to use SNAP.

SNAP is a face scanner that scans a patient’s face in 10 seconds and illustrates it into 3D data instantly for producing dental prostheses. It reduces chances of remakes of difficult cases like full dentures and full mouse prostheses and allows teeth design that matches the patient’s face.

As DOF has developed “MatchApp”, teeth data of other companies with different data formats can be matched with face data of SNAP. SNAP is the only dental face scanner sold on the market that automatically matches face data with teeth data. Since teeth data and face data are automatically matched, the patient’s information needed for prostheses production can be obtained quickly without errors.

“As the demand for face scanners increased, there were many requests from third-party scanner users who wanted to use SNAP. The development of MatchApp will greatly expand the target audiences of SNAP. SNAP shows its true value in difficult cases. More people will be able to use SNAP in the difficult cases to reduce the remakes and duration of patient’s treatment time and visits,” said Director Sean Lee.

Meanwhile, DOF is a company leading the global dental CAD/CAM market with innovative technologies. It proprietarily developed the 3D scanners, 5-axis milling machines, and the face scanner SNAP, which it is exporting to over 70 countries around the world including EuropeUSA, and Japan. It was awarded the first place in “Korean Brand Preference Award” medical device category for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019 and it was selected as a Global Small-Giant Enterprise in 2019.


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