“Excellent Corporation R&D Center”

Benefits – public relations support from Korea Industrial Technology Associationgovernment awards additional points for national R&D projects.

DOF Inc., designated as the “Excellent Corporation R&D Center of 2021” organized by Ministry of Science and ICT, participated the ceremony at The K Hotel Seoul on the 23rd. [Photo = DOF]

[Medi Sobiza News = Jihye Oh]

DOF Inc. (CEO Henry Park) was designated as “Excellent Corporation R&D Center in the Second Half of 2021” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT. recover file illustrator cc The ceremony for designating Excellent Corporation R&D Center was held at The K Hotel Seoul on the 23rd.

DOF Inc. will maintain its qualifications as “Excellent Corporation R&D Center” for the next three years and will benefit public relations support from Korea Industrial Technology Association, government awards, and additional points for national R&D projects.

“Excellent Corporation R&D Center” is awarded to a company which can create excellent technologies and products through systematic technology-oriented management and be benchmarked by other R&D centers and is designated after strict examination by experts in each field.

DOF is a national global company that manufactures and exports dental 3D scanners and milling machines to the world and has the only core technology in Korea that can simultaneously manufacture scanners and milling machines. Based on high-precision 3D scan technology in 2012, it developed the industry’s first dental scanner with a moving camera and developed a 5-axis dental milling machine in 2015 to become a dental solution company.

The new dental milling machine, CRAFT 5X, is said to upgrade the level of dental milling machines to the next level with precision equivalent to a CNC lathe, an expensive commercial equipment.

Henry Park, CEO of DOF, said, “I think this designation of excellent corporation R&D center is due to the corporate culture that excellent talent with continuous investment in R&D and expertise and creativity can freely study. DOF has just launched dental technology platform, DOF BRIDGE. how to recover file using cmd recover deleted files on sd card android app This is a service that allows Korean dental technicians to generate profits from the global dental market using DOF’s platform. Based on this platform in the future, we will introduce innovative products that lead the flow of dental fields around the world. how to recover files after empty trash mac

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