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| Periodic Seminars, Digital One-Step Milling Discussion

A periodic seminar of “DOF’s CAD/CAM Class 2021” was held at DOF’s Gangnam Education Center on February 27. Jung Hee Lee, CEO of Joyful Dental Studio, and Hoon Kook Shim, director of Yul Dental Clinic, gave lectures of “Custom Abutment & Zirconia One-Step Milling Analysis” and “Digital Milling in the Aspect of a Dentist”.

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In Jung Hee Lee’s lecture, he emphasized understanding of 5-axis milling machines and its accessories. Basic concept of 5-axis milling machines as well as the description of scanners were also included. “We had to think about the principles of machines. We needed to keep the room temperatures according to seasons and warm up the machine to reduce errors because machines are metal” CEO Lee said. “It’s better to minimize the calibration considering the parts of the equipment” he said. He explained in detail that the maintenance of spindles and components, how to check accessories, check points and precautions when designing actual custom abutments and zirconia prostheses.

Surgical Guide, keep an eye on bonding.

Following to Jung Hee Lee’s lecture, Dr. Hoon Kook Shim, director of Yul Dental Clinic, took over his turn. Dr. Shim introduced the history of surgical guide and its role. He also said that the dynamic system is under development and would be introduced to dentistry. He also explained the surgical guide system and how to use it for each manufacturer. Dr. Shim said, “I thought the surgical guide would become more and more popular. It was better to be aware of the current situation and future direction because it could be used in public facilities as much as possible.” He also introduced limitations of intra oral scanners and the concept of adhesion and bonding. “Recently, we used collagen fiber with the Dentin bonding concept,” he said. “I recommended that dentists and dental technicians need to discuss regarding bonding.”

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