Latest dental milling machine CRAFT 5X DC at Seoul Exhibition

New dental milling machine CRAFT 5X DC equipped with a disc changer capable of continuously milling up to 10 discs

DOF’s latest dental milling machine CRAFT 5X DC

DOF Inc. will participate in Seoul Dental Exhibition held at Swiss Grand Hotel in Seoul on the 29th. It will introduce its latest dental milling machine CRAFT 5X DC .

Advantages of FREEDOM i

CRAFT 5X DC is the successor to CRAFT 5X, an all-in-one milling machine, and is equipped with a disc changer that continuously mills 10 discs. The user does not need to intervene in the middle of the work. This is because works are set in advance regardless of material types and restoration sizes. Therefore, it is possible to continue working on up to 10 discs even after the user does other work or after work. This improves work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

In addition, CRAFT 5X DC users can easily check milling progress with their phones anytime, anywhere through DOFmotion, a mobile application developed by DOF. When milling completes or a problem occurs during milling, DOFmotion sends a notification message to the phone. This is so users can respond quickly to the situation.

Enhance the workflow with DOF’s products

Sean Lee, director of DOF, said, “I am happy to showcase CRAFT 5X DC at the Seoul Dental Exhibition. CRAFT 5X DC has the provisional features of CRAFT 5X, such as all-in-one and one-step milling, but adds a disc changer function. It is very effective for labs worried about labor cost reduction or laboratory efficiency.”

At this exhibition, DOF will introduce FREEDOM S along with CRAFT 5X DC, and the exhibition booth is at G-5.

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