How to Mill the Crown& Abutment at Once

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What is the one-step-milling?

How do you manufacture a custom abutment and a crown? Do you design a crown and design an abutment along with the crown, then mill the abutment, and scan it again? If you’re working like this, you’ll find this content very interesting. What I’m going to introduce today is milling the crown and abutment at once.

The one-step-milling process

If you look at the video on this link, you can see the whole process of one-step milling with CRAFT 5x and the results.

Advantages of the one-step-milling

While conventional custom abutment manufacturing methods have complicated steps to design, mill, and rescan the abutment accordingly, the one-step milling method can dramatically reduce the manufacturing stage by milling the custom abutment and the suprastructure at the same time.

If you manufacture a full case by the one-step milling method, the work time can be reduced by more than four hours compared to the conventional method, and the accuracy of the results is increased because errors that may occur during the scan process are prevented.

There’s one thing you need to do a one-step milling. It’s a DOF’s milling machine, CRAFT 5X. The fact that one-step milling is possible proves how precisely a well-made milling machine CRAFT 5X is. Try the one-step milling with DOF’s CRAFT 5X.

One-step milling cases

You can check out the interviews of many users who are doing one-step milling with CRAFT 5X at the link below.

The interview of Younglok Jee, Good day dental lab owner, RDT

The interview of Junghee Lee, Joyful dental lab owner, RDT

The interview of Minkyung Shin, CAD/CAM technician of Sense Dental LAB, RDT



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