Dental Lab Scanner Rental


FREEDOM S is a rental system dedicated dental lab scanner presented by DOF as a premium line scanner at an affordable cost.


It is a 1.3-megapixel dental lab scanner equipped with the area scanning method,
and demonstrated a margin significantly sharper than scanners using the same pixel line scanning type.


The world’s one and only dental lab scanner with the camera moving system.

The US-patent camera moving system represents DOF’s technological prowess and creativity. Such innovative scanning method, the camera moving scanner, not has only broken the stereotype of typical model moving scanners, but also brought a sensation to the digital dental market.

Model moving scanners require jigs to fix the model. In this process, there is a possibility that the model may be damaged or the occlusion may become inaccurate. FREEDOM S requires no jig to fix the model and only requires the model to be placed on a plate, so the camera could move around to scan all information.

In addition, the scanning process becomes very convenient in the large-volume and hard-to-fix cases such as dentures, orthodontic models and anterior teeth prostheses.

It enhances work efficiency through its excellent performance involving
articulator scanning, all-in-one scanning, interproximal scanning and impression scanning.

Articulator Scan

The model is scanned as it is mounted in the articulator to obtain an accurate occlusal relationship.

Interproximal Scan

If you select the interproximal scan function in the software, it scans perfectly between the interproximal.

All-in-One Scan

The All-in-One scanning shortens working time. Since the maxillary, mandibular, and abutment teeth can be scanned at once, the working time is shortened by up to 50%.

Impression Scan

It scans narrow and deep impressions, and its independent target scanning technology automatically matches the data acquired from the front and rear sides.


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