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Just place the model in your dental lab scanner.


Auto Eco Mode
When the projector is turned on and not used for a set amount of time, the projector gets turned off automatically. This extends the lifespan of the projector and prevents any unnecessary power consumption.

The engine determines whether the projector is abnormal by checking the temperature and voltage in the device.


FREEDOM HD is a 2-megapixel dental lab scanner equipped with the area scanning method.
It is a premium dental lab scanner presented by DOF to implement a sharp margin line based on the innovative technology.


The triangles created by the 2-megapixel camera come together to complete your work.

Articulator Direct

The occlusal relationship can be reproduced as it is by scanning the mounted condition. A simple hinge articulator, which is commonly used in clinical practice, can also be used, thus, increases work efficiency.

Interproximal Scan

Data between teeth can be acquired without distortion not only for orthodontic devices, but also for general prosthesis and partial denture production.

Scan and Match

This feature allows you to reposition the model to perform additional scans or to match additional models after scanning. Even a full denture can be scanned easily and simply.

Expert Scan Mode

It allows to scan freely regardless of the complexity of the cases.

Wax-up Scan

Easily and simply scan the prosthesis made of wax to correct the data or complete it.

Impression with
Stone Model Scan

When you need more clear margin line, pour the prep-die plaster, execute additional scanning, and combine the data.

Impression Scan

Scanning narrow and deep impressions is possible and both sides of the impression data are automatically matched with the unique scan target technology.

Impression Scan
as Gingiva

Also it can use impression as a gingiva. Gingiva data can be easily obtained without gum operation.

Denture Scan

A denture is easy and convenient to scan. The existing denture can be duplicated by scanning both the top and the bottom of the denture.

Implant Scan

It is a function where the top, cylinder and side plane of the scanned scanbody data are set and the saved coordinate values are utilized at the exocad software

Orthodontic Scan

It can scan the orthodontic
model quickly and easily.

Post & Core Scan

By scanning and merging impressions and stone models, you can get complete data from deep roots to prep teeth.

Pencil Line Scan

The margin or partial denture design drawn on the model can be acquired along with the 3D data to be used as references in the process of designing prosthetic appliances.

Auto Alignment

Since the software finds the best matching points and automatically matches data, it saves your work time from clicking the points.

Virtual Articulation

Even in the case where an adjustable articulator is not used, the scanned data can be saved as the virtual articulator’s coordinate values to reproduce the mandibular movements at the CAD software.

Hybrid Scan

By combining optical and contact scanners in one software, you can achieve the speed of the optical scanner and the precision of the contact scanner at the same time. It is highly useful scanning feature for making implant bars.

I am very happy with this dental lab scanner, FREEDOM HD.

This is why I use it everyday. It has many advantages that hard to talk about it one by one.

I have never been able to use other scanners since using FREEDOM HD.

Dr. Hee-Young Oh

Dr. Oh's Dental Clinic


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