Face Scanner

Auto Alignment

FREEDOM F aligns the patient’s face and teeth data to reproduce the exact location automatically.
Simple operation is all it requires to extract highly accurate 3D face data within just 10 seconds.

Face Analysis

You can get all the information you need for treatment by utilizing the face data obtained from FREEDOM F.
You can use the information of FH plane, Camper ’s plane, eye line, lip line, and mid line to make your teeth look better.


The face scanner FREEDOM F allows to scan face of a patient and to illustrate it into 3D data instantly.
A hand size of small device is combined to a tablet PC to scan face of the patient quickly and to get the high accuracy 3D face data.

Face on Articulator

Virtual Face-bow

Simple & Easy System


Dramatically reduces remake probability

The face scanner that instantly converts the patient's face into 3D data, dramatically reducing the probability of remake. In particular, it significantly decreases the remake probability when complicated cases such as anterior prosthetic appliances or full mouth restoration of upper and lower edentulous are involved.

My name is Roman Nestor and I’m a dentist who runs Nestor Clinic in Ukraine.

The modern dental clinics’ trend is all about the ‘digital solution’, but there was no device suitable for reproducing temporomandibular joint movements in a virtual space. Since I earned a Ph.D. in ‘Gnathology’, I’m well aware of the limitation of a virtual non-adjustable articulator.

Fortunately, we were able to overcome such limitation by using DOF’s FREEDOM F. FREEDOM F greatly contributes to my digital work process and is an amazing product that contributes to providing a quality treatment to my patients.

FREEDOM F is a micro scanner having a weight of 70g and a length of 16cm and since it is used in combination with a tablet PC, it is possible to scan a patient sitting on a chair.
Simple operation is all it requires to extract highly accurate 3D face data within just 10 seconds.

Roman Nestor


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