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FREEDOM X5 is a scanner equipped with 5MP cameras and the patented camera moving system. This patent technology allows the cameras to move freely without fixing the model, so the scans are convenient and stable, and the dual UHD cameras produce sharp margin lines.

Real Color Scan

FREEDOM X5’s high-resolution cameras scan models in color. This technique is useful not only for margin lines, but also for partial model designs.

Articulator Direct

The occlusal relationship is reproduced as it is by scanning the mounted condition. A simple hinge articulator, which is commonly used in clinical practice, can also be used, thus, increases work efficiency.

5MP UHD Cameras
Experience the Real 5MP Scan Data

Although it is the same 5MP resolution, the output data quality is different. DOF’s ultra-high-resolution 5MP data is sharper and more accurate.
The innovative technology produces real high-resolution data which improves user productivity by reducing defect rates and working hours.
In addition, FRREDOM X5 optimizes the angle between the cameras and the projector to scan narrow and deep areas of the model.
With DOF’s technology, experience the magic of ultra-high-resolution cameras.

Faster Than Ever

FREEDOM X5 not only moves faster, but also processes data faster. In addition, the scan speed is incomparable because the model does not need to be fixed to the scanner.

One-Touch Scan with a Joystick

Use the joystick to begin scanning or move to the previous or next step. This reduces scanning time and increases work efficiency.

Interproximal Scanning

From orthodontic devices to partial dentures, data between teeth is acquired without distortion by using interproximal scanning.

Denture Scanning

Dentures can be duplicated easily and conveniently by scanning the top and bottom of the denture.

Impression Scanning

It scans narrow and deep impressions and both sides of the impression data are automatically matched with DOF’s scan target technology.

Transfer Plate

Adjustable articulators, Artex, KaVo, SAM, Bio-Art, and Denar*, can be used for precise prosthesis, and optional transfer plates are available to reproduce the occlusal relationship.

* Artex, KaVo, SAM, Bio-Art, and Denar are trademarks of respective companies.

All-in-One Scanning

Scan an upper jaw, a lower jaw, and dies all at once. Save your work time by half.

Post & Core Scanning

It merges impressions and model scan data of a post & core. Even the deepest part of the root data is generated.

Expert Scan Mode

The expert mode allows to scan freely regardless of the complexity of the cases.

Auto Alignment

Since the software finds the best matching points and automatically matches data, it saves your work time from clicking the points.

Scanbody Fitting

The location of the scanbody can be preset within ScanApp. By measuring the height and the angle, it can reproduce the position more precise than other CAD programs.

Partial Matching

Match scan data of two models by selecting the desired part. Precise matching is possible even with small common parts of the scan data.

Additional Scan and Match

This function enables to reposition a model to perform additional scans during scanning stages or to match additional models after scanning. Even a full denture can be scanned easily and simply.

Back-Up Recovery

Scan data are automatically saved even if the program is abnormally terminated due to power failure or computer error.

Virtual Articulation Set-Up

It is possible to use the virtually adjustable articulator function by placing the scan data in the virtual articulator coordinates without using the actual articulator.

Resolution Adjustment

Before starting the build, freely adjust the resolution of the STL data. The abutment, the adjacent teeth, and the antagonist can be output by adjusting the desired resolution and the file size.

STL Import

Scanned data can be imported and utilized in a new scanning process. Users can replace desired scan steps with existing STL files.

Orientation of Scan Data

The setting of the scan data is outputted according to the CAD program. ScanApp’s data is compatible with various CAD programs.


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