“Focus on the Eyes” CAD/CAM Total Solution

| Participated in the Seoul Dental Technician Society Conference on the 9th

DOF Inc. participated in the Seoul Dental Technicians Association Conference and Materials Exhibition held on the 9th. It captivated the visitors with its innovative dental CAD/CAM total solution.

DOF introduced the steady selling milling machine ‘CRAFT 5X’ and the ‘CRAFT 5X DC’ with a disc changer function. This was done while retaining all the advantages of the product as it is. ‘CRAFT 5X DC’ can continuously mill up to 10 discs to increase work efficiency and reduce labor costs. The special wet processing method of the product also attracted attention. It is a wet processing system that includes an automatic zirconia drying function. It demonstrated its unrivaled technology by proving the ECO Milling Machine is capable of dust-free processing.

In addition, an opportunity to experience the camera moving model scanner ‘FREEDOM S’ was provided. An event was held to present a golden key to customers who contracted a processing machine on-site, providing abundant benefits.

At the academic conference held together with the equipment exhibition, CEO Ji Yeong-rok (Good Day Dental Laboratory) presented DOF products under the theme of ‘Modelless prosthesis’ and CEO Lee Jae-doo (Welcome Dental Lab) presented ‘Modelless prosthetics starting from an intraoral scanner’. Received attention by sharing clinical know-how using

DOF officials said, “We are delighted to showcase various products of our company to visitors. In particular, the golden key presentation event, which received a great response at this exhibition, will be held at GDTEX on the 21st,” he said.

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