DOF Reveals Intraoral Scanner at LAB DAY Chicago 2022

First appearance of DOF’s intraoral scanner, FREEDOM i

DOF Inc. unveiled for FREEDOM i, an intraoral scanner, at LAB DAY Chicago, the largest dental laboratory event in America. It drew attention from dental professionals around the world.

Advantages of FREEDOM i

The biggest advantage of FREEDOM i is easy to handle as both wired and wireless with a weight of 250g. It uses a commercial battery which is available to buy anytime, anywhere with no need to purchase an expensive scanner-only battery. Also, while charging the battery, use it in wired mode by connecting a cable.

FREEDOM i scans full mouth with high precision, which is difficult with existing intraoral scanners. An error that occurred when merging multiple sheets of narrow scan data was resolved using DOF’s patented “Wide Scan Technology”. After scan with a wide tip as a reference, complete scanning with a narrow tip for details. It enables high-precision scanning even in a full mouth.

Moreover, it is possible to control FREEDOM i only with the mounted scan joystick. There is no need to touch the mouse or screen when scanning the patient’s mouth. Therefore, it is not only very convenient to scan, but also more thorough hygiene management in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enhance the workflow with DOF’s products

FREEDOM i users can easily save and send scan data to Sync, DOF’s dental CAD/CAM platform. Dentists can use Sync to send intraoral scan data directly to a laboratory or can request designs to experts by using DOF Bridge, a design platform. Moreover, if a clinic equipped with CRAFT 5X, a well-received dental milling machine, it dramatically shortens the prosthesis production time by milling immediately in the clinic.

Henry Park, CEO of DOF, said, “we are very pleased to reveal our intraoral scanner at LAB DAY Chicago. Using our intraoral scanner, FREEDOM i, and milling machine, CRAFT 5X, true modeless one-step milling is now possible. Complete modeless one-step milling with DOF’s products and experience improved accuracy of prosthesis and reduced manufacturing time. We will continue to lead the global digital dentistry flow with products and services that can radically change the dental technology workflow.”

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