FREEDOM X5 dental lab scanner at AEEDC Dubai

DOF’s New Dental Lab Scanner at AEEDC Dubai 2022

Unveiled a new dental lab scanner, FREEDOM X5

DOF Inc. announced that it unveiled a new dental lab scanner, FREEDOM X5, at AEEDC Dubai 2022(Feb. 1 – 3). AEEDC Dubai is the largest dental and medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East.

FREEDOM X5, premium dental lab scanner

FREEDOM X5 is a premium dental lab scanner with the US patent registered, camera moving technology, DOF’s core technology. It is the only dental scanner in the world that scans a model by moving the camera. As the camera rotates, there is no need for a jig to fix the model. In addition, there is no error by the pinned die separated from the model base. DOF’s steady seller dental lab scanner, FREEDOM HD, also has this technology.

It has a built-in 5-megapixel camera, so the scan quality is excellent. Also, the single-camera technology is outstanding for scanning narrow and deep cases like inlays. Moreover, by applying artificial intelligence-based data processing technology, it reduces the scan processing speed by more than 30%. It also reduces noise by more than 80% using precise motion control technology. Another advantage is that there is a joystick to select scan stages easily. Lastly, the addition of color scan is possible.

FREEDOM X5 at AEEDC Dubai 2022

Edwin Park, marketing manager, said, “there were many inquiries about FREEDOM X5 at the exhibition. Many dental officials expressed their intention to sign a dealership on the spot. There were quite a number of meaningful consultations which could lead to the conclusion of a contract. I think that the decision to participate in an overseas exhibition was an excellent choice despite the difficult situation due to COVID-19. In the future, we plan to focus on increasing our market share in the Middle East with exceptional marketing and services.”

DOF is planning to participate in ‘LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2022’, the largest dental exhibition in the US, to expand its business to the US and South America markets.

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