DOF at World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards


DOF has won the Global Top Technology Grand Prize at
2020 World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards.


DOF CEO, Henry Park.


This grand prize has been awarded to a world class middle market and small-giant enterprise
with innovative technologies and industrial capabilities among overseas export companies.

DOF will continue to develop for overseas exports!



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DOF(CEO, Henry Park) won the Global TOP Technology Grand Prize at ‘2020 World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards’ hosted by Money Today, Ltd held at  Korea Press Center in Seoul at 3 pm on the 23rd.

The dental 3D scanner, DOF’s Freedom UHD, is equipped with an independently developed ultra-high resolution 3D scan engine to clearly scan the margin line, which is the most important part of the dental prosthesis. There is an advantage in that the gap between a tooth and a prosthesis disappears, so that additional cavities do not occur. In addition, the patented SSS technology can dramatically shorten the working time required to fix a model with a jig or flatten the uneven bottom of the model as the camera moves. Moreover, it scans the teeth model more precisely.

DOF was able to win the Global TOP Technology Grand Prize because it is leading the Dental CAD(Computer Aided Design) · CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) market with the innovative technology in the rapidly changing dental medical device field from analog to digital.

CEO Henry Park said “there are only a few companies in the world that can produce dental 3D scanners and milling machines with their own technology. Based on its excellent technology, it was able to lead the global market in the dental 3D scanners field. Thanks to the corporate culture of DOF, where talented people with expertise and creativity can freely study.”

DOF is also recognized for its technoloy in Germany, which is known as a developed country in dental market, and supplies 3D scanners to more than 70 countries around the world, including the U.S., Japan, and China.

“We are hearing from customers that “DOF products have no bubbles We don’t deceive customers or exaggerate products, we’re showing them as it is, and we’re recognizing and improving a shortage shortly if there is. Through the 2020 Money Today’s Global TOP Technology Grand Prize, we will do our best to become a global total CAD/CAM solution company according to a rapidly changing future environment” Henry added.

Money Today is planning to establish partnerships with selected Middle Market and Small-Giant enterprises for mutual growth and win-win.operation. It will widely promote products and brands of companies that have difficulty in promotional marketing due to difficulties in costs and professionals, and provide various tools for sustainable growth of companies such as corporate investment and market development. It will provide various consulting services such as financial, accounting, service, improvement of corporate evaluation information, IP and patent management. It will also promote win-win cooperation and networking among Small-Giant enterprises.


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