DOF all-in-one dental milling machine ‘CRAFT 5X’

| ‘Eye-catching’ with excellent precision and easy use

All-in-One Milling Machine, CRAFT 5X

The dental milling machine CRAFT 5X from DOF, a CAD/CAM total solution company, is attracting attention from practitioners for its excellent precision and ease of use.

With its excellent precision, CRAFT 5X can be used practically to minimize the parts that need to be reworked after milling. A DOF official explains that calibration is rarely required unless the machine is physically moving. The precision is excellent enough to enable one-step milling of a custom abutment and an upper prosthesis at the same time.

CRAFT 5X, which is applicable for both dry and wet milling, can be easily changed using a lever. It can be maintained without any problems by simply cleaning the residue. In addition, it is an all-in-one milling machine that includes a water tank, dust collector, and compressor, and can be milled without restrictions on the shape of prostheses with a simultaneous 5-axis milling machine, △zirconia △wax △PMMA △hybrid △ceramic as well as △glass ceramic △titanium round bar, etc. Most of the materials needed for treatment can be milled.

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