DOF’s Scan inside Wax-up

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Scan inside Wax-up

The “Scan inside wax-up” feature scans a pontic base. The pontic base is divided into different types by its shape. how to recover system files in windows 10 Also, the degree of pressure on the teeth depends on the condition of the gums. Therefore, it is difficult and cumbersome to determine the pontic base shape in a CAD program. In this case, DOF ScanApp’s “Scan inside wax-up” makes it easy and accurate to design the pontic base.

Pontic Base Design

When the pontic base design has already been determined during the wax-up or temporary tooth design phase, the “Scan inside wax-up” feature will allow you to replicate and directly apply the design to the final prosthesis.

Scan Settings

When the “Scan wax-up inside” option is selected in Scan Settings, an additional scanning step of wax-up inside is provided.

Wax-up Scanning

Place the wax-up in the scanner with the inner side facing up, then start scanning. When the scan is complete, delete any excess data.

Pontic Base Replication

The shape of the pontic base from the wax-up has been accurately replicated after the build phase.

Easy Design

The pontic base can be easily designed by making use of the “Scan inside wax-up” feature.



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