Disc Changer Dental Milling Machine

10 Discs for Non-Stop Milling

CRAFT 5X DC is equipped with complete automation system milling up to ten discs continuously. This automated milling work will increase technicians to perform without any limitation by the type of materials or the size of prostheses. Therefore, it dramatically increases work efficiency and cuts labor costs.

Vertical Disc Changer

The disc changer has been vertically designed to fully maximize the user’s convenience as well as making cleaning and replacing the discs simple.

Cleaning Technology for Perfect Performance

CRAFT 5X DC’s automated system foundation lies with its cleaning system. The perfect cleaning system is ensured using compressed air to remove dust and to set the disc in its exact position. With DOF’s original ultra-precision sensor technology, it ensures error-free milling and providing a powerful yet smooth milling performance.

Smart Milling, Ultra-Precision Sensor

CRAFT 5X DC is equipped with an ultra-precision sensor to ensure error-free milling. Each sensor works organically to control the smart milling performance of CRAFT 5X DC. The sensors allow for safe milling under any conditions by detecting the discs presence in the changer as well as the state of discs attachment.

Special Function

One-Step Milling

CRAFT 5X DC Begins the Era of One-Step Milling

Everyone thought one-step milling was impossible, but now experience it with CRAFT 5X DC. CRAFT 5X DC extends beyond mechanical limitations of conventional milling machines and reproduces your design as it is. One-step milling is complete by producing the abutments and the suprastructures simultaneously with the 5-axis reverse milling method.

Completely New Abutment Production with One-Step Milling

While conventional custom abutment production goes through complex stages of designing, milling, and scanning the abutment, one-step milling reduces the production stages by milling the abutment and the suprastructure at the same. Save your time more than one day through milling the abutment during sintering the zirconia bridge. It also improves the accuracy by preventing errors that may occur during scanning.

Special Function

90 Degree Milling

Live Details Completed with the 90 Degree Milling

CRAFT 5X DC perfectly reproduces contours of teeth in detail with the 90 degree milling. The 90 degree milling provides great satisfaction with innovative milling methods that goes beyond the conventional framework.

The 90 Degree Milling of CRAFT 5X DC Is Science

CRAFT 5X DC uses a C-clamp for the 90 degree milling. The externals of teeth can be milled vertically with a block raised to 90 degrees because one side of the C-clamp is open. Delicate milling is possible as it is milling the block at 90 degrees. Tools can get into the undercut areas which cannot be milled at 0 degrees and 180 degrees. In addition, the high-performance motor which precisely controls the milling axes and the rigid frame body made of whole castings enable the error-free 90 degree milling.

The 90 degree milling is very useful when detailed milling is required like interproximal areas, labial textures, and gingiva lines. Especially, anterior teeth where aesthetic aspects are important. It eliminates the cumbersome process of hand trimming zirconia crowns and dramatically reduces working time.

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