What is the Partial Matching?

Partial Matching Introduction Today, I will talk about ScanApp. As ScanApp has been updated, ScanApp has many convenient features. I am going to introduce one of the added features, “Partial Matching”. It is very difficult to match the data if a common part is very small. However, the partial matching feature makes it very convenient […]

How to Easily Create the Library in exocad

Last two lessons were about how to create and set up a library in exocad. Today is the last lesson about the library. It’s about how to create a library easily and simply. It isn’t setting teeth using Tooth Model Editor but modifying shapes of excoad’s library, saving it, and applying it as my own library. It isn’t setting teeth using Tooth Model Editor but modifying shapes of excoad’s library, saving it, and applying it as my own library.

How to Set up a Tooth Library in exocad


Last lesson was about how to create a library using Tooth Model Editor. Now, you need to set up the library in exocad. Today’s lesson is about how to set up a library in exocad.

exocad Virtual Articulator and V. A. Set-Up

V. A. Set-up Function V. A. Set-up is a function to easily set the occlusal plane without a transfer plate. Incisal Edge First, click the incisal edge of the central incisal tooth. The Mesiobuccal Cusp Tip Rotate the model that the red triangle passes through the mesiobuccal cusp tip of the first molar. The occlusal […]

Save articulator scan data

Waxrim A waxrim is often used to obtain bite information of edentulous patients or patients with fewer teeth. The waxrim contains much information that could be obtained from a patient’s mouth like the Midline, the High Smile Line, which determines the length of the anterior teeth, and the Corner of Mouth, which determines the location […]

DOF’s Scan inside Wax-up

Scan inside Wax-up The “Scan inside wax-up” feature scans a pontic base. The pontic base is divided into different types by its shape. Also, the degree of pressure on the teeth depends on the condition of the gums. Therefore, it is difficult and cumbersome to determine the pontic base shape in a CAD program. In […]

Impression Scan

Scan Setting Click the Impression button. Select a type of the impression tray. Lower Impression Scanning Scan the lower impression. Additional Scanning The lower impression scan data is saved. If the scan data needs more information, proceed with the additional scan. DOF’s Scan Target Technology Reverse the impression and scan the upper impression. It automatically […]

Additional Scan & Match

During anterior bridge work, posterior teeth treatment is added and it is a case that two models must be merged. Anterior Bridge Model Scan the anterior bridge model. Replacement Area Delete an area for replacement. Posterior Model Scan the posterior model that needs to be merged. Posterior Model Delete Delete unnecessary parts from the posterior […]