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[Media] DOF Opens the New Era of One-Step Milling with CRAFT 5X.

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DOF’s dental milling machine CRAFT 5X (CEO Henry Park) is recognized for its excellence in functional aspects and is gaining popularity not only in Korea, but also in overseas countries.

DOF reveals that it has expanded CRAFT 5X release to more than 20 countries, including the U.S., Russia, Germany, Italy, and Japan, as sales have doubled since the launch of CRAFT 5X.

One of the incomparable characteristics of CRAFT 5X is one-step milling. While traditional custom abutment production goes through complex stages of designing, milling, and scanning the abutment, the one-step milling method dramatically reduces the production stage by milling both the custom abutment and the suprastructure at the same.

Producing a full case with the one-step milling method, not only reduces the working time by more than four hours compared to the existing method, but also increases the accuracy of the result because it prevents errors that may occur during scanning.

“Although implant demand has increased and custom abutments manufacturing has become more common, most 4-axis or 5-axis milling machines sold in the market have failed to support one-step milling due to mechanical limitations or precision problems,” said Henry Park, CEO of DOF.

“If we connect the upcoming intra oral scanner and the milling machine, we will be able to process the real modeless one-step practice,” CEO Park said. “We will continue to lead the flow of digital dentistry around the world with products and services that can innovatively change the milling workflow.”

CRAFT 5X is a compact all-in-one milling machine that includes a water tank, a collector, and a compressor and it can be converted to dry or wet settings according to materials. It is a simultaneous 5-axis milling machine which can mill without restrictions on prostheses shapes, and mill most materials needed for dental treatment, such as glass ceramics, titanium, zirconia, wax, PMMA, and hybrid ceramics. Remembering the number of rotations of the motor, CRAFT 5X prevents self-extracting, and is equipped with a Jäger spindle which features up to 100,000 RPM and maximum power of 700W can mill hard materials stably.

DOF will hold a seminar about one-step milling at DOF’s Training Center located in Seoul, on February 27. Lectures are “Custom Abutment & Zirconia One-Step Milling Analysis” by Jung Hee Lee, CEO of Joyful Dental Studio and “Digital Milling Aspects of Dentists” by Dr. Hook Kook Shim, from Yul Dental Clinic.

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[Media] DOF, Leading the Digitization of Dental Treatment

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Following is the English translation of the original article.


Exporting high-resolution 3D scanners, milling machines and software to 70 countries

Digitization is rapidly gaining momentum in the global dental market. As a result, the cumbersome process which is getting an impression with rubber material, manually producing a prosthesis, and sending it back to the clinic is gradually disappearing.

DOF is a Korean company leading the digitization of dental treatment. It has developed the world’s best dental 3D scanner and milling machine with its own technology and is supplying CAD/CAM(computer-aided design/manufacturing) total solutions to global markets. DOF is one of the few companies in the world to have this technology. It is the only company in Korea that produces both scanners and milling machines at the same time.

“Usually, dental treatment is a dualized structure in which treatment is conducted at the clinics and prostheses are manufactured at laboratories. DOF provides digital technology that enables fast and accurate treatment by organically combining dentistry” said CEO Henry Park. It improves accuracy and reduces delivery time by sending the patient’s digitized oral information to the laboratory where the technician designs the prosthesis on a computer and manufactures the prosthesis with a milling machine.



DOF established a corporation in 2012 to develop a dental 3D scanner called “Freedom” and upgraded it to “Freedom UHD” in 2017. In 2015, it launched a 5-axis milling machine called ‘Sharp’. In 2018, it introduced “SNAP,” a face scanner, which was evaluated that it suggested the direction of dental medical technology with differentiated technology. The patented SSS technology uses a camera moving system to move the 3D scan engine in several directions, so the teeth model does not need to be fixed with a jig and even the uneven bottom model is scanned easily.

Freedom UHD is a premium 3D scanner with UHD resolution and SSS technology. “The feature of Freedom UHD is that the margin line which is the most important part of dental prostheses is clearly scanned by using an ultra-high-resolution 3D scan engine. When the margin line is clearly scanned, there is no gap between the teeth and the prostheses, so additional cavities do not occur. Also, the patient’s oral cavity is accurately reproduced so that more natural teeth can be manufactured” said CEO Park. Scanning the upper and the lower jaw at the same time is available which reduces treatment time up to 50%. It can be used in various fields such as ceramic prostheses, implants, transparent teeth braces, and dentures.


SNAP can automatically align the patient’s face and teeth data to reproduce the exact location. Operation is simple, but it extracts the accurate 3D face data within 10 seconds. The facial data obtained by SNAP can be utilized to acquire all the information needed for treatment. It makes easy to design teeth matching the face. It is a user-friendly face scanner that can be easily taken by anyone with a tablet PC.

DOF released SNAP compatible software called ‘MatchApp’ in 2020. This software is a program that combines the upper and the lower jaw scan data with bite scan data and converts it into a CAD coordinate system. It is also compatible with data from third-party products.

DOF plans to introduce intraoral scanners in the first half of next year. Intraoral scanners are considered a key device for the next generation of digital dentistry, but the global penetration rate is still less than 10%. Many medical device companies have jumped into the development of intraoral scanners, but failed to show meaningful results due to technical limitations. This is why DOF is expected to grow next year.

DOF is a global small-giant company that exports such high-tech products and solutions to more than 70 countries around the world, including Germany, which is known as an advanced country in dental treatment, the U.S. and Japan. It has a local subsidiary in Germany, the U.S., Japan, and China. It has been recognized internationally for its quality and safety with CE certification in Europe. As a result, DOF pioneered the dental market by releasing products in Germany, the U.S., and Japan first, recognizing their performance and entering Korea. Currently, more than 80% of its sales come from overseas, and among them, it has the largest sales in Germany. In particular, DOF has supplied 3D scanners to the U.S. Navy, which is know for its strictness, so DOF’s technology is world-class. South Korea’s dental scanner market share is approaching 50%.

CEO Park said, “DOF has improved its products through constant research and development and communication with customers, and it has grown to a level as global leading companies from Germany.” The background of this competitiveness is due to the corporate culture where talented people with expertise and creativity can freely study. Through this open corporate culture, we will grow into a global dental solution company in the digital dentistry (dental treatment) market.”




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[Media] DOF LAB USA is Opened to Accelerate the Global Expansion

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DOF(CEO Henry Park), specializing in 3D digital medical devices, announced that it has opened a branch office in California. DOF is planing to establish a business hub in the U.S. to strengthen its local business power and to improve its service quality to intensively boost the U.S. sales.

DOF’s overseas sales takes up to 70% of its total sales. Most of overseas sales are from Europe and Asia, including Germany, Italy, Japan, and China, so it is expected that sales will grow significantly with this entry into the U.S. market. Furthermore, using the U.S. branch as a bridgehead, it is expected to strengthen its sales network in Canada and South America and support customers more effectively.

“Although sales were affected in the early stages of COVID-19 pandemic, we have almost recovered to previous year’s sales. Even it is a particularly difficult time for exporters, we decided to push for the establishment of a U.S. branch because delaying our entry into the U.S. was more loss to the company. As the dental CAD/CAM market has been recognized for its productivity in Germany, which is the most developed market, I think it has a good chance of winning in the U.S. as well. Based on DOF’s unique technology and quality, we will accelerate our efforts to enter the U.S. market.” said Henry Park, CEO.

DOF is leading the digitization of the dental market by developing a dental CAD/CAM integrated solution with innovative technology. In addition, it has developed its own 3D dental scanners, face scanners, and 5-axis milling machines with high growth rates every year and exports to more than 70 countries around the world, including Germany, the U.S. and Japan. In 2019, it was selected as a Global Small-Giant Enterprise, Excellence in Employee Invention Promotion, and Best Family Friendly Management in Korea and awarded the first place in “Korean Brand Preference Award” medical device category for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019.


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DOF at World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards

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DOF has won the Global Top Technology Grand Prize at
2020 World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards.


DOF CEO, Henry Park.


This grand prize has been awarded to a world class middle market and small-giant enterprise
with innovative technologies and industrial capabilities among overseas export companies.

DOF will continue to develop for overseas exports!



Following is a related article in English translation.


DOF(CEO, Henry Park) won the Global TOP Technology Grand Prize at ‘2020 World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards’ hosted by Money Today, Ltd held at  Korea Press Center in Seoul at 3 pm on the 23rd.

The dental 3D scanner, DOF’s Freedom UHD, is equipped with an independently developed ultra-high resolution 3D scan engine to clearly scan the margin line, which is the most important part of the dental prosthesis. There is an advantage in that the gap between a tooth and a prosthesis disappears, so that additional cavities do not occur. In addition, the patented SSS technology can dramatically shorten the working time required to fix a model with a jig or flatten the uneven bottom of the model as the camera moves. Moreover, it scans the teeth model more precisely.

DOF was able to win the Global TOP Technology Grand Prize because it is leading the Dental CAD(Computer Aided Design) · CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) market with the innovative technology in the rapidly changing dental medical device field from analog to digital.

CEO Henry Park said “there are only a few companies in the world that can produce dental 3D scanners and milling machines with their own technology. Based on its excellent technology, it was able to lead the global market in the dental 3D scanners field. Thanks to the corporate culture of DOF, where talented people with expertise and creativity can freely study.”

DOF is also recognized for its technoloy in Germany, which is known as a developed country in dental market, and supplies 3D scanners to more than 70 countries around the world, including the U.S., Japan, and China.

“We are hearing from customers that “DOF products have no bubbles We don’t deceive customers or exaggerate products, we’re showing them as it is, and we’re recognizing and improving a shortage shortly if there is. Through the 2020 Money Today’s Global TOP Technology Grand Prize, we will do our best to become a global total CAD/CAM solution company according to a rapidly changing future environment” Henry added.

Money Today is planning to establish partnerships with selected Middle Market and Small-Giant enterprises for mutual growth and win-win.operation. It will widely promote products and brands of companies that have difficulty in promotional marketing due to difficulties in costs and professionals, and provide various tools for sustainable growth of companies such as corporate investment and market development. It will provide various consulting services such as financial, accounting, service, improvement of corporate evaluation information, IP and patent management. It will also promote win-win cooperation and networking among Small-Giant enterprises.


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[Media] New Product Launch at exocad Insights 2020

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On September 21 to 22, DOF launches its new product under the theme of “Future Digital Dentistry” at exocad Insights 2020 in Darmstadt, Germany. exocad Insights 2020 will be held in a hybrid format under the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, so it can be reached with exocad links anywhere in the world to see various lectures and new product launching events prepared by DOF. At this exhibition, DOF will officially launch MatchApp, which helps the compatibility with the face scanner SNAP, and an all-in-one milling machine CRAFT 5X.

MatchApp, which will be introduced by DOF, is a software that helps to match teeth data scanned by third-party intraoral scanners or model scanners with face data of SNAP. SNAP is the only face scanner on the market that uses a target bite to automatically match the face data and the teeth data which makes the data be very accurate. SNAP’s patented Automatic Matching technology improves the quality of prostheses and reduces production time by ensuring accuracy of the mid-line, the smile line, and the occlusion planes acquired by the face scanner. In particular, SNAP’s target bites are compatible with intraoral scanners with relatively narrow scan areas, so this launch of MatchApp is good news for intraoral scanners’ users.

The all-in-one milling machine CRAFT 5X can be converted to dry and wet according to the materials. It is suitable for small laboratories or clinics because it is integrated with a water tank, a dust collector and a compressor. This simultaneous 5-axis milling machine can be processed without restrictions on prostheses shapes. It mills most materials needed for dental treatment such as glass ceramics and titanium pre-milled abutments, as well as zirconia, wax, PMMA, and hybrid ceramics. In addition, CRAFT 5X is able to mill strong materials stably because it prevents step out by remembering the number of rotations of the motor. It is also noteworthy that Jäger spindle with up to 100,000 RPM and up to 700 W of output can reliably mill glass ceramic or titanium pre-milled abutments and the body is made of whole castings to dramatically reduce vibration.

“The MatchApp was released at the request of customers who wanted to use SNAP. Many people recognized the value of SNAP, so it was able to be reborn as a better product. With the launch of MatchApp and CRAFT 5X, DOF has become a truly meaningful CAD/CAM total solution company responsible for prostheses production from beginning to end. As a leading company in future digital dentistry, we will continue to work hard to introduce products that are essential to consumers with responsibility,” said CEO Henry Park.



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[Media] It will be compatible with DOF’s Face Scanner SNAP and other products.

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Users of third-party model scanners and intraoral scanners will now be able to use DOF’s face scanner “SNAP”. Since the existing SNAP was incompatible with third-party scanners, only users of DOF’s model scanners were able to use SNAP.

SNAP is a face scanner that scans a patient’s face in 10 seconds and illustrates it into 3D data instantly for producing dental prostheses. It reduces chances of remakes of difficult cases like full dentures and full mouse prostheses and allows teeth design that matches the patient’s face.

As DOF has developed “MatchApp”, teeth data of other companies with different data formats can be matched with face data of SNAP. SNAP is the only dental face scanner sold on the market that automatically matches face data with teeth data. Since teeth data and face data are automatically matched, the patient’s information needed for prostheses production can be obtained quickly without errors.

“As the demand for face scanners increased, there were many requests from third-party scanner users who wanted to use SNAP. The development of MatchApp will greatly expand the target audiences of SNAP. SNAP shows its true value in difficult cases. More people will be able to use SNAP in the difficult cases to reduce the remakes and duration of patient’s treatment time and visits,” said Director Sean Lee.

Meanwhile, DOF is a company leading the global dental CAD/CAM market with innovative technologies. It proprietarily developed the 3D scanners, 5-axis milling machines, and the face scanner SNAP, which it is exporting to over 70 countries around the world including EuropeUSA, and Japan. It was awarded the first place in “Korean Brand Preference Award” medical device category for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019 and it was selected as a Global Small-Giant Enterprise in 2019.


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Krakdent 2019

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DOF Dental CE participates in the exhibition “KRAKDENT” in Poland from 11 to 13 April.

KRAKDENT is one of the important dental events in Eastern Europe.

Come and join us at booth D30!

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