How to Use the Articulator Module in exocad

As occlusal theories have been developed, many articulators are improved or disappeared in the market. Now, dental technology has moved on to CAD/CAM era, CAD programs have added virtual articulators. Let’s take a look at how to use the virtual articulator module in exocad. Setting up the articulator is the first step. First, open a […]

How to Design Embrasures

In the last lesson, I talked about how to create the right connector thickness. Today’s lesson is closely related to the last lesson. It is about how to create embrasures. After zirconia milling, we usually trim the result as contouring. The problem is why should we trim it? It is because the zirconia result is […]

Design Post & Core and Suprastructure at Once

Today’s lesson is about designing a post and core. The post and core, which was made with hands only in the past, is now able to be made with CAD/CAM. Many people are wondering how to make the zirconia post and core with CAD/CAM. I will demonstrate how to scan and design the post and core, […]

The custom abutment milled with 5-axis

As you all know, there are two types of abutments. Stock abutments which are designed and sold by implant manufacturers, and custom abutments which are made by dental technicians according to patients’ cases. Abutments can be divided into two types as like this. Roles and Advantages of Custom Abutment This lesson is about a custom […]

How to Copy a Denture


When you need to copy a denture Let’s learn how to copy a denture in this lesson. There are various reasons why we might need to make a new denture, including a broken denture or gum tissue resorption. In these cases, if you can duplicate the existing denture, you can create a new denture easier. […]

What is the 90 Degree Milling


Due to mechanical limitations, milling machines fail to reproduce 100% of the design. The advent of the CAD/CAM era has brought many conveniences, but sometimes mechanical limitations stand in the way of our efforts. As an example, I designed a difficult case of anterior teeth in exocad. I created gum because of receding gums. how […]

How to use Interproximal Scan

Some people ask me that they hear about Interproximal Scan a lot, but what is the function, and others ask me that they know InterproximalScan is good, but how does it work. Today, let’s take a look at what Interproximal Scan is and how it can be used. Example of when interproximal scanning is useful: scanning […]

How to Mill the Crown& Abutment at Once

What is the one-step-milling? How do you manufacture a custom abutment and a crown? Do you design a crown and design an abutment along with the crown, then mill the abutment, and scan it again? If you’re working like this, you’ll find this content very interesting. What I’m going to introduce today is milling the […]

What is the Partial Matching?

Partial Matching Introduction Today, I will talk about ScanApp. As ScanApp has been updated, it has many convenient features. I am going to introduce one of the added features, “Partial Matching”. It is very difficult to match the data if a common part is very small. However, the partial matching feature makes it very convenient […]

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