this is dof Inc.

DOF leads
the transition of

dental clinics
and laboratories
into digital dentistry.

young and dynamic technical prowess

DOF is a CAD/CAM solution company specializing in developing the world’s best 3D dental lab scanners and dental milling machines. Since the foundation in 2012, DOF has been bringing a new sensation to the industry and has been indicating a rapid growth through developing camera moving scanners. DOF always leads the market through developing innovative products such as FREEDOM UHD, a 5-megapixel 3D dental lab scanner boasting the highest precision in the world, and CRAFT 5X, an all-in-one milling machine including a dust collector, a water pump, and a compressor in one machine.

making progress along with our customers

DOF promises to grow as we communicate with our customers. Every product provided by DOF is planned and designed through taking into consideration what functions are required by our customers and what may be considered inconvenient by our customers. Even after a product is complete, DOF continuously applies the feedback provided by our customers to improve our products. To help our customers work more conveniently and joyfully is the dream and future DOF envisions.


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